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Buddhist Meditation (Bavana) Courses
In close association with leading internationally known Meditation (Bavana) Centers in Sri Lanka, short meditation courses are now organized exclusively for foreign students or self explorers coming through “Study in Sri Lanka” program of Migration Lanka services. We guarantee placement in one of the most known and famous meditation Courses. No limitation of age, no qualification is required and no restriction on nationalities… all is welcome and you are only required to make a commitment to meditation during the course.

Courses are available for beginners and for experience students offering advance courses. We offer both individual as well as group enrollment. The courses are held through the year but students willing to meditation courses is advised to plan well in advance at least two months prior to enrollment in order to secure a place. There is generally high demand for meditation courses in Sri Lanka.

Beginner’s course is usually for one week to ten days depending on the individual choice. Time Table of beginner’s course is designed in such way to suit beginners but schedule is subject to change. If you are interested in meditation course we can assist you. [Click here] to request for free information.. We will get back to you with detail information regarding availability of next Meditation Course, timing, locations, daily schedule, visa information and approximate cost.

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Why Meditate?
Meditation can help you to lead a more productive, satisfying, healthy and comfortable life The wisdom that develops through meditation brings a happiness that surpasses all others. Through meditation your life will become more meaningful and harmonious. Your mental condition can be developed. Students can improve their memory and will be able to do their studies well. Physical and mental conditions can be transformed and with a more peaceful mind; you will be able to have a very restful sleep.
Types Of Meditation
There are two types of meditation used to concentrate and develop the mind.

1. SAMATHA or TRANQUILITY meditation trains the mind to concentrate on only one object.
2. VIPASSANA or INSIGHT meditation trains the mind to observe the many objects coming in to awareness through the six sense doors in order to develop the wisdom to eradicate the defilement in the mind and be freed from suffering.
What is the Principle of Meditation ?
Three things must be present for awareness to arise - an object, the sense door and the mind. By contemplating on a single object repeatedly, (for example the breath or a visible object) the mind can be calmed and brought to one-pointedness. Similarly, many other methods of SAMATHA meditation can be found just by focusing the mind on any one object. There are 40 types of Samatha meditation. (A more detailed explanation can be found in the VISUDDHI MAGGA)
Meditation Methods
Sitting Meditation
Walking Meditation
Sitting Meditation Walking Meditation
Why is meditation becoming more and more Popular

So why is meditation becoming more popular? What are the reasons?. Why increase of interest in meditation

The first reason is medical. Now you can see meditation as a medicine on doctors prescriptions for physical health problems. Some people believe that meditation can heal the physical sicknesses that medicine has failed to heal, like cancer, diabetes, heart problems etc. There are a couple of studies on this, and they prove that meditation can help to cure your body.

Meditation may help to cure you, it may not, it is not a miracle. Some people think that meditation is a miracle that it can do everything. It does not work this way, rather than being a miracle it can be a very scientific phenomena. When the body is calm and quiet your whole system is settling down, resting deeply, your whole body, each cell, each organ is working properly and your immune system, enzymes and hormones are working nicely.

So it may help you to have a healthy body but not necessarily 100 percent. So what we try to do in those situations is learn to live with our life conditions, this is the best result you can get from meditation. You are learning to live peacefully with yourself. ”

The second reason is psychological sicknesses. Some people come to meditate because of their mental health . Some psychiatrists ask people to meditate to change their minds because chemistry can’t change their attitude, drugs can’t change their mentality. They think that once they meditate they can change their way of thinking, they can change their attitudes towards themselves, others and the world, they can live in the present moment. It helps you to have a healthy and balanced mind.”

The third reason is education. Young people are starting to look to meditation to aid them in their studies. they are using meditation “. to improve their memories , their intelligence, and their education. As we know, when your mind is calm, when it’s clear, that type of mind can absorb information and data very clearly. There is nothing to disturb your understanding” These first three reasons are very worldly expectations but also very useful. They can yield very tangible results in day to day life.

The fourth reason is dissatisfaction. We are always dissatisfied with our lives but more and more dissatisfaction is happening in this modern world. You can choose from 500 varieties of cheese in supermarkets and we think that if we have choices, if we can choose one from hundreds, one from thousands that’s to be a perfect one, an enlightened one. Is it you, your mind, your conditioning, who projects this target? That is the beauty of Buddhist meditation, it asks you to come to this present moment, to here, to now, not living in the future, making a dream world and trying to fulfill those dreams.

Meditation is not about fulfilling your dreams., If you want to fulfill your dreams you have to awake. You can’t fulfill any single dream when you are asleep.

One can say meditation is a way to awake to your life, to awake to your dreams. Rather than trying to struggle to fulfill your dreams, meditation is a way to awake, to awake to your desires, and to see why do I want to do this, or be that. What is wrong with my self?

Another important thing, if you create that duality, ‘I am not enlightened and I want
to be enlightened, I am not perfect and I want to be perfect’, you are becoming a victim of your own resisting and grasping. You are resisting to your own present life, to your own present nature because you are grasping some future model. So you are not happy with your present life.

When you meditate with this attitude you be come more and more disappointed and unhappy. You are loosing peace, stillness and friendliness within your self. So in this Buddhist meditation we are simply trying to come back to ourselves, that is the most difficult thing. Going away from our life is very easy, we are always doing that journey. As education, as a job, as a marriage, as politics. We are always doing this journey to go away from our lives, away from ourselves.

We are not happy so we want to escape ourselves so we use money, partners etc as a vehicle to go away from ourselves. But in the meditation we have to come back to ourselves and see ‘who am I?’ and ‘What is happening here and now?’

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